The Pediatrician

The hospital requires a pediatrician to see and evaluate your newborn at the hospital.

A pediatrician is a specialist in the care of children under the age of 18 years old. Emory Decatur Hospital has on staff pediatricians to evaluate babies born in our facility. These Providers will care for your baby until discharge and communicate with your community pediatrician of choice.

The hospital pediatrician will come to see your baby 24 hours after birth.

After your baby has been assessed, the pediatrician will see you and discuss the care of your baby. They often give you basic information about the first few weeks of life and discuss concerns regarding feeding, sleeping, and warning signs. They will also advise you when to see your community pediatrician for your first in-office newborn visit, and you can then schedule it at that time.

You need to have selected your community pediatrician by the third trimester of your pregnancy. This will allow for seamless care for your baby upon discharge from the hospital. Our Providers are happy to provide names and guidance in your choice of pediatricians.