Vulvar - Vaginal Disorders

Vulvar-Vaginal Disorders are unpleasant and irritating conditions caused by abnormalities in the vulva, a very sensitive part of the outer female genitalia. Some of these disorders include contact dermatitis, vaginal burning, folliculitis, discharge, and pain with intercourse. While they may have a negative impact on your life, ranging from an inability to sleep to embarrassment around your partner, they can be treated with the proper help.

We responded to a need for more physicians who specialize in Vulvar-Vaginal Diseases (VVD) and we have developed a specific interest in these conditions. Our specific expertise and treatment incorporate relationships with dermatopathologists, infectious disease physicians, and dermatologists in the Emory community, treating patients with complex problems from throughout the southeast.

Now, all of the Atlanta Gynecology and Obstetrics doctors utilize a multidisciplinary approach to Vulvar-Vaginal Disorders. If you or someone you know suffers from Vulvar-Vaginal Disorders, make an appointment today to talk to one of our physicians.