Having a Healthy Pregnancy

The pregnancy journey can be downright intimidating as you go through ten-months of physical changes that you may never be prepared for no matter how many books you read. Every pregnancy is unique either from person to person or from your first to your second pregnancy. While many things that happen during pregnancy are beyond your control, there is much you can do to help make this wonderful, life-changing experience run smoothly. Just remember to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally while keeping in mind these helpful tips!


Visit Your Doctor Regularly

A healthy pregnancy begins with the right prenatal care. Find yourself an OB/GYN or healthcare professional that you trust to look after you and your bun in the oven. Your first appointment should be between 6 and 8 weeks into your pregnancy. If you don’t know where to start, consider asking for recommendations from your friends or family. Just make sure your doctor makes you feel safe and comfortable. Ultimately, they have the knowledge to monitor your pregnancy and address any problems that may come up – immediately. This is also why it is so important to go to ALL of your prenatal appointments. Even if you feel perfectly fine, these appointments can serve as a space to ask your doctor any questions or concerns you may have about your journey. Who knows, you may even find it monumental and rewarding – like hearing that heartbeat for the first time.


Keep a Healthy Diet

You’ve heard it time and again, “Remember to eat healthy!” UGH. Although it may be redundant, it still remains a huge part of a healthy pregnancy. Whole grain, fresh fruits and veggies are full of good nutrients that your baby will be sure to thank you for. Also, remember to include plenty of protein in your meals as it is a key factor in cell building. You should avoid eating unpasteurized dairy products, cold deli meats, raw seafood, and drinks that are high in sugar. (Who likes that stuff anyways? Well… me but that’s besides the fact) That being said, if you are on a special diet with a food allergy, diabetes, or personal preference, you may find a dietician helpful to walk you through what you should eat. Above all, drink plenty of water to help support your body throughout the day, and of course, you can sneak in a few cravings here and there.


Pregnancy and Exercise

I know what you’re thinking, “First you tell me to eat healthy and now you want me to exercise?! I have a little person inside of me!”. Hear us out, even the smallest bit of exercise can help ease aches and pains and even boost your mood! Low-impact, moderate-intensity exercises like: walking, swimming, or low-weight training are a great way to build strength and help with endurance while carrying your new weight. But, remember not to push yourself! Don’t worry if you feel too exhausted or nauseated to exercise. Find the time to rest, stretch or even ease your mind through yoga. I mean, come on, it’s pretty badass to say, “Yeah, I’m pregnant and do yoga!”.

Take a deep breath and know that you can do this! Remember to take care of your emotional health and, if you feel down, don’t suffer alone. Reach out to friends and family, join a support group, or find plenty of great resources online. This incredible life milestone shouldn’t be tackled alone, and we know you have what it takes to have a healthy, happy bundle of joy.