Celebrating Every Dad This Father’s Day

Whether they’re the handyman extraordinaire, the expert jokester, the BBQ master, or the ultimate bedtime storyteller, each father (or father figure) is one-of-a-kind. We know that Father’s Day can look a little different for everyone, but it’s still a wonderful celebration for all the types of dads who have made a positive impact on our lives. This Father’s Day, we want to make sure every kind of dad feels special, so here are a few fathers to think about on this holiday and a few ways to include your soon-to-be dad if you’ve got yourself a little one on the way!

Many Types of Dads

From sisters congratulating Big Bro on his new dad status to daughters celebrating their own superhero father, there are so many different dads to admire. You may want to acknowledge a non-relative father figure, teacher, or mentor who played a special role in your life, or the stepdad who stepped into the father role like no other. Even giving a Father’s Day nod to an ex-husband can serve as an opportunity to set a positive example of forgiveness and respect for your children while also finding a meaningful way to honor their dad. Not to mention recognizing same-sex couples and gay dads who share the same love and dedication to their children. 

Above all, if you are expecting a little one, don’t forget to applaud your dad-to-be! Father’s Day can be the perfect occasion to fill him in on the big announcement. There’s nothing like seeing his face light up when he realizes he’s going to be a dad. Just know that there are plenty of ways to share the excitement of the pregnancy journey together.

Including Dad in the Pregnancy Journey

While you moms may go through all those physical and emotional changes, it doesn’t mean expecting fathers have to be left out of the new baby excitement! There are plenty of ways to include Dad in the pregnancy journey, even from the very beginning. One easy way to start is to make the pregnancy announcement together. Of course, you probably already plan on telling your extended family and loved ones as a couple, but asking him how to go about it can be a wonderful way for him to embrace the role of father.

Communication is key, so let him voice his opinions too. From choosing baby names to decorating the nursery and baby-proofing the house, his input matters! You may even want to consider taking a parenting class together, where you’ll both gain valuable knowledge and be on the same page. He’ll also probably find appreciation by helping you write that birth plan. Deciding what type of labor you want and who gets to be in the room can lead to some great questions and opportunities to clue dad in. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?


Building an Early Bond With Dad

It’s also never too early to start building that father-child connection. Once the adorable secret is out, you can ask your dad-to-be to come with you to those prenatal appointments and check-ups. Trust us, he’ll be fascinated by the baby’s progress and excited to hear those tiny heartbeats. Encourage him to talk to the baby bump because, who knows, maybe the little one will respond with a kick or two. Even something as simple as exercising together can build a bond with baby. Skin to skin once the baby is born is not only good for mom and baby but also very helpful for dad! Or, if you’re in need of some new scenery, go on a well-deserved babymoon. Take some time off as a couple before the little bundle of joy arrives. Relax, recharge, and enjoy each other’s company before those sleepless nights and diaper changes begin.

So, from the seasoned dads who’ve mastered the art of diaper changing to the soon-to-be fathers practicing their doll skills, take the holiday to acknowledge each one who shows you and your children overwhelming dedication and love. Be sure to take the opportunity to honor all the unique experiences and challenges they face as fathers and to appreciate the love and care they shower on to you. To all the amazing dads and dads-to-be, happy Father’s Day!